Object and image, transformed into tool, totem, and talisman, fuel my process and imagination. 
I work with diverse materials and processes to make sculptures, fiber works, photographs, and books.
I am passionate about relationships of all kinds and I create affiliations between disparate objects, inputs, and images. My collaged works speak to interdependence, repair, webs of meaning, and the kinship I see in all things.
I believe that art and art making occupies a special kind of speculative and experimental place where we can think differently, and perhaps radically, about life, away from daily preoccupations.
My current projects bring together found objects, fabric, and materials, small sculptures, stitch work and quilting to create literal and figurative blankets. I draw on the skills from my childhood experiences in learning and making and bring those tools with me into this transformative work.
I am working on a series of hybrid quilts that hold  significant materials, objects, images, and ideas from daily and dream life.
Part drawing, part sculpture, all craft, working within the quilt format requires diligence, time, patience, and humility. Embedded in this process is the story and the history of women’s work, resourcefulness, anonymous labor, and relentless creativity. I feel simultaneously connected to and alienated from that story. This is a sometimes troubled but very fruitful place to find myself in. 


mollie murphy