a series of sculptural installations in which wall, shelf/table, and collection come together as small set pieces referencing people, places, and worlds

a collection of images from dollar/discount stores investigating the form and function of our consuming culture

originally inspired by a teenaged reading of abbie hoffman's "steal this book" , this project has taken on a curatorial life of its own.

These are found images of mostly children.
I have added, manipulated, transformed...you know, the usual parental agenda.

these collages speak to the uneasy and wonderful alliance between humans and animals. We are indebted to animals; we love them, we anthropomorphize them, we kill them, we stuff them. We never seem to realize that we are the same as them, only (maybe) a bit smarter-or at least able to outsmart them in the consumer-consumed conundrum.

drawings, collages, charts, strategies