In my improvisational quilts, I use found, reclaimed, and hand dyed textiles as well as odd found objects from my collections. The quilts are often not big enough, soft enough, or practical enough to keep anyone warm but they do make my brain light up. I like the way I can use the tools and practices of traditional quilt making to break the limiting boundaries of long-established art and craft categories.

Now that cellphones have rendered paper roadmaps obsolete and Covid has made travel out of reach, I have come to roam to new places by way of my imagination. I collect and transform simple maps into drawn and colored destinations more vibrant and lively than the limited here. Place names obliterated, rivers and roads rerouted, I can create a new anywhere far from our isolated and silent homes. 


At a residency in central Florida, I wanted to make work that emerged directly out-of-a-place. As I navigated this strange and beautiful site, I was struck by the porous borders between manicured lawns and untamed natural spaces and the sense that water and wildlife was literally surrounding me. I was overwhelmed by the riot of green growth, pastel homes, and heat. My installation reflects my wandering experience: meandering from drawn, printed, painted, and collected, I invite the viewer to walk with me and celebrate the wonderful and beautiful weirdness I noticed everywhere.
My ensuing works on paper are an extension of my wandering eye: just one more collaged response to this peculiar, complicated, lush, and strange environment.

This is a series of artworks that has emerged from a specific site: a university garden in my town. It's all about the garden-as-metaphor for stillness and sound, movement and the passage of life. Media comprise photography, audio recordings, video, papermaking, printmaking, handmade paper and fiber work.
I think it is an installation. And I think it needs to be near this garden.
Updates forthcoming.

Very large scale images in the windows @Mixed Greens Gallery, NYC

Learning new handmaking processes is an integral part of my practice and many of these artworks emerge from lessons learned on youtube, from a book, or a friend. These sculptures reflect where I locate my artist-self, again and again: one hand making and the other unmaking, one self in the arts and crafts world, and the other irresistibly drawn to subverting that world.

These photomontages consist of images from
the Dollar Store juxtaposed with Museum photographs.
In the resulting couplings (and sometimes threesomes...),
objects bounce off of each other, both in form and content.
Both sites can be overtly and covertly political, inflammatory, and hilarious.
Our fears and desires reside in each place.

Ground is a four-part artist's book. A map structure unfolds to reveal the artist's view of the ground beneath her feet; part of a daily process of exploring and image-making.

images from The Harvard Museum of Natural History